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Stand alone


If you should find yourself stepping out for the Lord or standing up for Him, you will find yourself standing alone. This is on purpose.

God is teaching you the cost of following Him, and the hurtful truth, that others probably won’t support you, or encourage you along the way He calls you to go. Yet to obey Him is our primary concern and the way to know Him truly and fully. Psalm 108:12 NIV  “Give us aid against the enemy, for human help is worthless.” Our life circumstances are ordained by God, and only He can see us through them. Human beings cannot. People can sometimes become the enemy, but we must not fear, for God will help us to stand.

Our motives for service must be clear, and God will teach you who you are doing the work for- all must be for Christ and through the strength of Christ. Anything else is pure pride and conceit. Let us examine ourselves before the Lord our God does, so we are not found wanting…