Watching over

“For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.”

Psalm 1:6

This is the end summary of Psalm 1.

This is the reward for not walking in the light of the thinking of foolish people who do not know God, or revere Him; or stand in the presence, giving credence to sinful people who don’t really love God but only the outward form; or sitting around, settled with those who actively scoff the Word and denigrate the people of God. These people who resist these mindsets are called the righteous. They are fruitful and stable and full of love for God. They delight themselves in the Word of God, for it is their touchstone for everything and they know it so well.

They meditate on it day and night and in fills their lives with light and heat. They obey it fully and are constantly reminded of its words and precepts, so that they can walk in a worthy fashion before their Lord and God. Nothing in their lives is unfruitful or withers without reason, and they gain their refreshment in the living waters from the Holy Spirt of God, as they live close to Him and the Word.

“The ungodly are not so…” they will wither and die and all their works of sin and death will be destroyed. There will be nothing left for them. They have no light and no Spirit of refreshment, but only cursing, like the fig tree. Jesus cursed it for having no fruit for Him when He came to receive it.

Those who live close will be kept close. The keeping power of our Saviour is so wonderful and He will keep us to the end. No one will be lost. We know this because we are people of the Word of God and we persist in obeying it, even when it costs us something to do so. The people of God are like flourishing trees and we delight ourselves in God’s ways and not in the scoffer’s ways. Those who endure hardship are made hardy by the power of the spirit and our spiritual resilience increases and we are truly blessed.

The LORD Himself watches over us and will lead us to peace and not destruction. It is He who diverts or foolishness into wisdom and gives us the desire to walk in every right path. Learning to discern these things in ourselves makes our assurance of faith shine out brightly. Our fruit will arrive in the right season and produce a huge crop of fruit for our Saviour Jesus.