Psalm 56

Please read Psalm 56 (13 verses)

We all know people who observe others to see if they are going to fail and fall. People who listen to what other people say and then twist the meaning to the worst possible interpretation. People who expect the worst of others and who’s attitude expects failure and the negative outcomes in a life. People who do not seem to believe in grace, forgiveness and the reality of a loving God. The psalmist speaks of these kinds of people who propagate the negative attitude towards other people and use ill will and gossip as their tools to bring others down. He says that these people are in hot pursuit of his life, his physical life and emotional life too. These enemies are full of pride and are chasing after him and pressing their attack home, as they judge and pronounce those judgments at their personal whim.

The psalmist is so afraid he is weeping but the Lord counts his tears and does not let him suffer beyond what he can bear. The Lord teaches us patience and fortitude thought such experiences, even though we find them very trying. The enemy may lurk in the shadows to pounce on us and tear us apart, but the Lord is in complete control and will not allow us to be destroyed. The Lord records our misery and will not let the enemy have ultimate triumph. The writer knows God is on his side because when he calls for help, the Lord answers him.

The Lord is real and we praise him for real, and he will succour us in all the straights of our sufferings. Whatever the enemy might do, they cannot do anything that God does not allow. The Lord is making us and strengthening us for the works that he requires us to do for His sake. The psalmist has made promises to God in the suffering and he will carry them out because of the faithfulness of the Lord in keeping his feet on a straight path and rescuing him for certain death. He will walk through his life in the light of the Word of God and be obedient still.