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Glorious preoccupation


There is a place on the Christian pathway where we recognise and realise the person of Jesus in a very real and personal way. When we first trust the Lord, He makes us His own and we enter the doorway to a life walking in His gracious presence. As our walk with Him goes on, we appreciate Him and seek Him more nearly as we travel to the heavenly city, our home. As we continue our reading, study and meditation in His Word, we get a clearer view of the beauty of Jesus and the joy of being in His presence.
Jesus is our Saviour, our Redeemer and King, and as we linger on these truths in the Scriptures, they become increasingly enmeshed with our lives.
We find ourselves mulling on His actions, words and deeds, and longing to have His loving attitude to people at all times. We seek to be like Him and are drawn daily to the beauty of His character. There is no one like Him. No earthly love comes close. As we conform ourselves to the humility and faith of our Lord Jesus, it seems that everything else fits into place and all other loves take second place.
He is the matchless one, without equal, the only person worthy of love and worship… fall at His pierced feet where His blood was spilt for you… adore Him- king of all loveliness…