Psalm 117

Please read Psalm 117 (2 verses)

This is the shortest of the Psalms and is made up of only two verses. It is dedicated to the praise of the Lord and that we should worship Him because of who He is and what He has done. The Psalmist calls on all the nations that exist to lift their hearts, minds and voices to the Lord. This is no empty emotional trip with music and words, but the heartfelt rejoicing in the Lord who made us. All the peoples, every tribe, nation and tongue should lift their voices in praise, like the praise of heaven when the kingdom of Christ finally comes in all its glory.

The reason we praise is for loves sake. The love of God which is beyond all understanding is the theme of the worship songs. There is no greater theme, as love is the crowning glory of the graces and is the bond that holds the triune God in perfect harmony and peace.

We love the Lord in return for all His long-suffering love and faithfulness to us all through our life. His faithfulness never lets us go or rejects us, because His love is everlasting. He will surely bring all His people to the heavenly kingdom and we are already safe in that kingdom. One day soon, the voices of praise will reach their crescendo at the marriage supper of the Lamb and the Lord Jesus will take His place as the Bridegroom among His ransomed Bride. The praises will roar and the singing will last for eternity in great joy and celebration.

Simply put: Praise the Lord!