The face of my Father in heaven


“See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.”     Matthew 18:10

The disciples have been competing for the position of number one follower of Jesus. They have been trying to work themselves into the right-hand place beside Jesus. The discussions range from mutual benevolence to downright distain for each other. Jesus knows every thought and seeks to put them right  and teach them spiritual lessons about humility and getting rid of pride. 

Jesus takes a little child who is standing near Him and tells the disciples that unless they have the total trust of a small child and become like the child in thinking, they will not enter in. To reject the child as too simple and simplistic, is to reject Christ. Who ever accepts a little child in Gods name, accepts Jesus too. 

Jesus then warns about “offending” a small child and causing them to stumble and to lead them away from Jesus. It would be better that person be drowned in the deep sea, with a large stone around their neck to keep them down.! 

We must not despise these precious ones. We must teach them the right way so that they will find the way to God. We should be showing them the unconditional love of God, His forgiveness and abundant blessings. There should be no harshness or overbearing discipline that hardens the heart and causes much inner pain. There are consequences if we do so. 

Every child has angels that protect and petition God to His face on their behalf. The angels see the face of God and the faces of the little children also appear before the Lord. He watches and keeps and calls the children to Himself. Beware anyone who hinders their faith and misrepresents God to them. 

Every Christian should be right here like this. Walking the Christian pathway with God and obeying His Word and having that child-like faith that believes and trusts implicitly. We can learn much from children and come to understand how much God loves His children and keeps their faith right to the end of the pathway.