The fear of death holds us in chains

Barriers on a river of peace unrestrained

Calling us to futile hope in ourselves

Duping us as hollow all this life entails.

The heavenly man became human out of choice

Giving His death throws a mortal voice

Since God is our friend and source of release

Giving the option of eternal peace.

The higher beings of creation bear no such gift

Their rebellion to eternal chains does shift

No salvation for their monumental mistake

Their destiny in the darkest realms now take.

But the human, male and female set apart

For the radiant glory all from a Father’s heart

Can enter heaven with souls redeemed

And a mind renewed, as the Saviour dreamed.

Fear is the state of all who forget God

His love and peace in the dirt and mire trod

But the ransomed few who have learned His ways

Will inherit the kingdom and everlasting life displayed.