Psalm 34

Please read Psalm 34 (22 verses)

The psalmist is full of the joy of the Lord and in this Psalm he rehearses the glory and blessings of the Lord. He is obedient to the Lord and extols the name of the Lord at all times. He remonstrates with us as the afflicted, to join him in the adulation of the Lord.

When we are in trouble, the Lord delivers us, out of the trouble and from all fear of it. He builds our courage over the years and makes us brave and fearless in the face of danger and sorrow. When we face death, we will face it with courage and remember that it is already vanquished through the death of our Saviour Jesus. Those who are weak in spirit can call on the power of God and he will change their faces of shame to those of triumph and radiance. The angel of the Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, will be the deliverer of His people. We have no fear…

The Psalmist invites us to taste and see that the Lord is good. Even the smallest amount of the presence of the Lord is enough to let us know that He loves us and will rescue us in our infirmities. No one who trusts in Him will ever be disappointed, or put out, or disadvantaged in any way. In fact those who put him in the rightful place in their lives will find him to be everything they need. There are two prerequisites for these many and great blessings of the Lord. We must keep our tongues from speaking evil and we must resist all that is wrong. The Lord will listen to the prayers of his people but the evil will be ignored.

But those of His people who are particularly hurt and in trouble He will be a refuge to them and He can mend the brokenhearted and heal all their wounds including, all of the scars from the hardship they have experienced. But the evil that the wicked propagate and practice will be their downfall, for the face of the Lord is against them. However everyone who calls on the name of the Lord in faith will not be ignored and will be rescued.