Psalm 120

Please read Psalm 120 (7verses)

The psalmist is in distress because the society around him is not honest or truthful. The people around him are spreading malicious gossip and lies about him and it is hurting him. He is isolated because he stands for what is right and although this is painful, it means he can call on God to help him. When all others turn against us, we can turn to our Father in heaven, who always understands and will provide for us. It may not be in the way we envisage, but He knows what is best for us. We must trust Him and be satisfied with His provision.

The writer is miserable being miserable. He is tired of the effect of the wickedness of human speaking and comforts himself by knowing that God will deal with the deceit and dishonesty of speaking. It is a place of comfort to know that God is righteous and just and will judge all things fairly.

Meshek was a barbaric and remote place and the psalmist likens himself to living there. This has been the effect of the deceitful tongues that have ravaged his life and left him alone. To dwell in the tents of Kedar was to be cut off from the worship of God. Perhaps the gossip had been so bad, that the psalmist could not meet with the people of God anymore. Perhaps he is so isolated that he really is alone in life and therefore this Psalm is calling out to the Almighty God to change his case and circumstance. It seems he cannot even speak without there being ill will against him and he describes it as a state of war. This he brings to God, his only friend and confidant and leaves his situation with Him.

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