Psalm 122

Please read Psalm 122 (9 verses)

Jerusalem is the city of God. It is ready and large enough for all the redeemed people of Christ. No one can deny them the privilege of being there, and we live our lives on this earth with our feet always ready to enter into that spectacular place – heaven and home. We are always ready to go and we have a reminder and taste of it every Lord’s day that we go up to the house of God. It should make us glad to go there, even if we have difficulties with “church” and we should expect God to bless us as we go.

The psalmist reminds us of the tribes of the Lord, for they shall all go up to take their places in the great city. People of every nation, tribe and tongue shall inhabit that glorious city and dwell there in great peace with the lordship of Christ over it all. The thrones of the kingly line of David will be there for judgment, equity and the constant excercise of justice. The Lord Jesus shall inhabit the throne as He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It will be a spectacular place!

We pray for the peace of Jerusalem that all God’s people will enter in and be brought safely to that state. There is no peace in our world, but everlasting peace reigns in the hearts of the people who belong to that state of peace. All our issues and ideological issues will be finally solved, as all God’s people take their prepared place.

We pray that many will be brought in. Not all people will be saved, but we spread the good news, the gospel of peace with God, to the lost people around us.

Our feet continually stand in the gates of that great city, for it is our heaven and home. We rejoice to be part of its structure and reality and will one day see the King in all His glory. We look forward to its glory, not backwards to our failures, but full of joy at what is ahead.

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