Psalm 115

Please read Psalm 115 (18 verses)

All glory belongs to God, and not to us is any praise due. We are fallen creatures who worship all sorts of false things and think that God will still hear us. 

The nations of the world have many gods, that are not gods, for they have no life in them. The foolish bow down and worship the gods of commerce, business, material possessions and acclaim. We want the gods of this life and think that God the Lord is not real, because we are insensible to Him. Our social settings are filled with unbelief which keeps us blind and deaf to the pleadings of the Lord. We have become like the idols we worship, empty and unprofitable and without regard for the Lord. 

The psalmist remonstrates with us and encourages us to fear the Lord and trust in Him. He is able to lift up and change anyone who comes to Him in their need. He helps those who fear Him and protects them as a shield. 

The Lord does not forget us, as others do, but is a wise, kind, constant friend. He will support all who come in repentance and freely forgive us all our sin. Anyone can come, those with good social standing and those with none.

The psalmist ends with a blessing, that those who trust in the Lord will flourish and that the whole of our families will know the uplift of prayer and praise forever. It is we who believe who extol the Lord and lift up His glorious name forever. 

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