Psalm 114

Please read Psalm 114 (8 verses)

When we are set free from the tyranny of this world’s systems, we become the family and possession of the Lord. He lifts us out of the slavery to the covetousness that abounds in our societies and gives us all spiritual blessings in Christ. We separate ourselves from the sinful lifestyles that are all around us and follow the narrow way of Christ. God’s people are under the direct jurisdiction of Christ and enjoy the blessedness of walking with Him. We see His work in our lives and are glad, just as the Israelites remember the works of God as He delivered them in the wilderness.

The turning back of the flow of the Red Sea was a monumental experience for the children of God. The enemy was closing on them fast and they were trapped by their circumstances, but the Lord reversed the flow of the mighty seas to deliver them! He caused the people to walk through the waters in safety. He also closed the water over their pursuing foes…

We also enjoy the deliverance from the sin that infests our lives. The enemy has trapped us in chains, but we are set free by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross at Calvary. This miracle of grace is available for all who will call on the Lord and seek His forgiveness. God will never abandon His people and will deliver us from the clutches of the enemy of our soul. 

The Lord will provide every need we will ever have, as He provided water from the rock for the Israelites as they wandered the desert of this world. He will always provide for His people because of who He is, and because of His rich promises to us. 

He is the one who’s presence makes us tremble. We should trust Him and put our hope in Him. 

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