Psalm 116

Please read Psalm 116 (19 verses)

The psalmist is remembering the goodness of the Lord in times of trouble, especially when he has been afflicted by sorrow and despair. How wonderful to be delivered and be able to look back and magnify the Lord! The psalmist is certain of the help of the Lord because in his trouble God has answered and delivered him from all his distress. Even in death the Lord is precious to His people and He regards their life ending as a precious event. The anguish of death may haunt us, but the presence of the Lord sets us free from the fear.

Even in circumstances where we are unwary and not conscious of trouble lurking, the Lord often delivers us. Sometimes we may be aware of His interventions and sometimes not. As we think on the works of the Lord in our lives we are grateful. The Lord often saves us from sorrow and pain, and we are unconscious of His protection on our life, but we rejoice to know that He loves us and will always do what is right for us. We trust in His over-arching mercy and are thankful. The Lord is merciful to us, therefore we must be merciful to others who may inconvenience us or hurt us.

Perhaps we have become cynical about other people and their truthfulness, but we can cast all our misgivings on the Lord and He will give us the rest that we seek. Our troubles turned over to the Lord recede and are resolved according to His faithful promises.

The psalmist exclaims twice that he will fulfil all his vows before the Lord. We keep our promises to Him, as His promises are eternally faithful to us. We lift the treasured cup of our salvation and are so thankful. As we keep the power and faithfulness of the Lord in view, so we are able to cast all our burdens on the Lord.

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