Psalm 107

Please read Psalm 107 (43 verses)

We all have life stories in which we can be thankful to the Lord for His tender mercies to us. The love of the Lord endures forever. The psalmist in this Psalm rehearses some story types that we can identify with to draw our souls out in praise to the Lord. The redeemed of the Lord say their stories from every part of the globe. They testify to the grace and goodness of the Lord, wandering in deserts without home or refuge. Yet the Lord was their refuge and provided for them. Every time they cried out in their need the Lord provided for them, food and drink and all spiritual needs. Their lives ebbed away but they were delivered from their distresses. The Lord brought them to a city where they could settle, as He had promised them.

Some were in prison, subjected to chains and hard labour, because of their rebellion against the commandment of the Lord. They sat in darkness with no one to help but the Lord came to them, broke their chains and set them free. The unfailing love of God breaks iron gates open and the fetters of bronze.

Some suffered afflictions for their sins and drew near the gates of death. The Lord rescued them from the grave and restored their life. The Lord healed them and we give shouts of joy to Him.

Some were on the sea, thrown about by storms and high seas, staggering like drunken men, but the Lord is able to still those storms and save the people from fear and death. The parched land is made fertile by the mercy of the Lord, to feed His people and meet their needs. Such is the mercy of our God! He does not treat us as we deserve. The upright rejoice at His works and we ponder them to understand His majesty.

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