Psalm 106

Please read Psalm 106 (48 verses)

We give thanks to the Lord because His love endures forever. The Lord is good and blessed is the person who does what is right and acts justly. We have joy when we remember what the Lord has done for His people.

They had grieved Him terribly by refusing to remember the miracles in Egypt and the deliverance from their foes in the Red Sea. God saved them in the desert and drowned all their foes, releasing them from tyranny. But they forgot what God had done and complained and tested God in the wilderness, craving food and drink and never really seeing the goodness of the Lord. They wanted more and more, though God protected them and provided everything they needed.

They made a calf to worship and grieved the Lord by leaving His Holy commandments and following their own foolish way and the religion of the false people around them. They were unfaithful and ungrateful and despised the promise of the coming land of plenty. Moses had to stand between them and the wrath of God and temper the effects of God’s anger against His people.

God promised they would all fall in the wilderness and their daughters and sons would inherit the land. But they also disobeyed the Lord, married unbelieving women and took on the false God’s of the tribes all around. They did not seek the Lord or obey Him. God eventually gave them over to their enemies to teach them to be faithful. The psalmist ends by asking God to again deliver His people and show mercy to them, that they will again praise the name of the Lord. May all God’s holy people agree by saying “Amen…”

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