Psalm 105

Please read Psalm 105 (45 verses)

We tell and retell the wonderful acts of the Lord and glorify His powerful name that has brought all this world and the eternal world to pass. Those who seek His face obtain strength to live in this sinful world, that militates against Him. The psalmist tells us to look to the Lord and seek His advice and company always.

We are to remember the calling of the Lord of His servant Abraham and the faithfulness that keeps us as His chosen people, the children of Jacob. All who are trusting in Christ are included in the household of faith, whether Old Testament saints or those who come after Christ and are part of the church age. God remembers His covenant to redeem a people for Himself and bring them to the reality of a promised land, both physical Canaan and the spiritual home of all the saints of God – heaven.

When the people of the Lord wandered and had no home in this life, He kept them and allowed no one to oppress them and make them afraid, for He was their God and their portion forever. They may have been relatively few, but the mark of the covenant was in them, and God did not permit the troubling of His anointed ones.

God sent Joseph to deliver them, and they put him in shackles and made him a slave. Joseph found himself in prison and the Lord raised him up to be the leader in the land and to deliver many people out of the grip of famine. God brought his people to Egypt where they became many and caused fear in the Egyptians, who then oppressed them with hard labour and slavery. God delivered them again through the hand of Moses. Moses performed miraculous signs in the land of Egypt to release the people from their penury and bring them out to freedom. The people of God left Egypt laden with treasures, because of the favour of the Lord of them.

God sent them cloud and fire to comfort them with His presence, and gave manna and quail to eat and water from the rock to drink. God kept His promise and brought His people out of bondage with shouts of joy and delivered the land into their possession. Praise the Lord…

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