Psalm 108

Please read Psalm 108 (13 verses) This Psalm is parts of Psalm 57 and Psalm 60.

The inner life of the Psalmist is at peace and rest and is steadfast in the Lord His God. Happiness abounds in his psyche and he sings and makes sweet music to his Lord. He praises the Lord among the crowds of people for the love of the Lord abounds everywhere. The writer can see it written in every circumstance and is rejoicing in all expressions of joy. The love of God reaches higher than the heavens and His faithfulness, similarly, reaches to the skies.

The psalmist calls on God to deliver His people, for all the nations and communities of this world belong to Him and God is in complete control of them. God has spoken from the holy sanctuary and says that He alone will measure out the lands that belong to Him and decide who lives there and what they will do. Every tribe of Judah and Israel is His, along with the countries of the Gentile nations. God gives a double portion to Ephraim and gives the promise of faithfulness to Judah. The enemies of the Lord are defeated, Philistia and the comfort of Gilead belongs to God.

The writer asks who will lead the people of God to the place of refuge and plenty, the city of God? Who will find Edom, a place of contempt, where Esau was doomed to wander?

He knows the Lord will be faithful even when His people are not. They have wandered away and served other gods but the Lord will restore them and not leave them in penury and trouble. The enemies within the sinful human nature will be trampled down, for the Lord is able to rescue His people. Only He can give the victory over self and sin.

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