Psalm 93

Please read Psalm 93 (5 verses)

The holiness of the Lord is majestic and He reigns throughout all the eternal kingdom of all His saints. The earth is His and everything in it, the planets in the solar system, the milky way galaxy and all the many galaxies that stretch for aeons of light years from our standpoint in every direction. He is robed in majesty like the heavens that He has adorned and He keeps the systems in place and makes our home planet safe and secure.

As they had a beginning when the Creator God made them, so He himself had no beginning and has been there and continues to be there for all eternity. No one touches His majestic power and authority and He stands supreme over all the universe and heavens above into the realm of eternity. Nothing escapes Him and burying our head in the sand and pretending we don’t see Him, or His works, is no good.

We hear the thunder of His voice in the crashing and turmoil of the mighty ocean. Nothing can stop the tide from ebbing and flowing, and neither can the holy will of the Maker be thwarted. He is majestic above all majesty, including human majesty and the glory of the created orders.

As the breakers of the sea relentlessly crash against the shoreline, so His relentless love and justice can never be stopped, tamed or diminished. His glorious statutes remain through all the generations of humans that have ever lived. They are written in the holy Word of God and inscribed on the psyche of the human genome. His holiness adorns everything He does, for He alone stands in eternity and demands and deserves our praise.

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