Psalm 92

Please read Psalm 92 (15 verses)

When we ponder the great works of the Almighty God it makes us happy. When we see increasingly clearly His majesty and holiness it is a remedy for all sorrow. If we would but look to Him, it would gladden our hearts in the morning and fill us full of joy in the evening. We would take up our instruments of praise and worship His holy name. We would continually seek to identify His mercies as we go through the day and have opportunity to praise and worship.

When we consider the joy of salvation our heart begins to soar. As we understand and think on what God has provided for our souls, and the eternity prepared for us, our whole being is constrained to magnify the Lord. The goodness of the deeds of the Lord and His profound thought toward us make us rejoice in who He is. We magnify His person and our psyche responds with true, heartfelt joy. The wicked may spring up and seek to destroy our peace and joy, but in our Lord, nothing can make us afraid or doubt His goodness.

The righteous flourish like the trees of the forest and are planted in the house of the Lord, like the Cedars of Lebanon. God cares for us and gives us freedom like the wild animals of the earth, who look only to Him to fill their needs. God feeds them and us and pours the oil of the blessing of the Holy Spirit over our life.

In old age we stay vibrant and bright. The sicknesses of this life will not overly trouble us, as we rejoice and continue to use the power God bestows on our being. We continue to proclaim the goodness of the Lord, His holiness and power, and the complete lack of injustice or wickedness in His ways.

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