Psalm 91

Please read Psalm 91 (16 verses)

Those people who live their lives in the shelter of God’s provision will be at rest. There is no striving there, only settled trust. God will be an everlasting protection against those who try to hurt us, trap us and bring us down. God will cover us, just like a bird would cover her chicks, and that is the place of true comfort and peace. We will not fear the tragedies of life that happen daily, nor will we succumb to the terrors of the night. God will be our abiding refuge and personal safe keeper of our lives and souls.

We will watch others who are wicked and full of unbelief, giving way to sorrow and sin and never being able to overcomes the trouble in life. It is a pity to see so many fall down when the remedy, our loving God, is so near at hand and so willing to undertake for us. The Lord would gladly gather us, but we will not give Him our love and faith.

If we make the Lord our refuge, we will not be shaken and nothing will happen in our life that will finally bring us down, or that is outside of God’s will for us. He will never let us be tested beyond what we can bear and in the testing will build our faith in Him and our devotion to our Saviour, Jesus. God will send His angels to help us and keep us in all circumstances, which is a great and heavenly blessing, but we also possess the Holy Spirit who dwells in us and teaches us every good way. God promises we will do mighty deeds of faith and love when we are under His reign.

When we love God, the promises to us are rich and deep. Those who acknowledge His name as sacred, will be rescued and delivered from all foes. God will deliver us from all trouble and lift us up and make us great in His kingdom. Our crowning glory will be the salvation, which we possess through Christ and all that He has done for us.

2 thoughts on “Psalm 91

  1. Amen! We can truly enter His rest and not have wicked hearts of unbelief. The seed of the Word planted and flourishing in our hearts brings supernatural faith, peace, joy, and confident assurance that we will see His yes and amen promises come to pass for us in the land of the living. Communing with the Lord and walking by the Spirit – better than this anything in this world by far. All glory to God!

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