Psalm 90

Please read Psalm 90 (17 verses)

Before the world was made or it’s foundations laid, the Lord is God. He has always been God and is the one and only necessary being. All things were made by Him, even time and space have been invented by the mighty Creator. A thousand years are as a tale that is told to Him and He is not bound by this same time or space. People are born and rise like grass, and disappear just as quickly. God returns us to dust and has the power over all life and death. When we see the Lord revealed in His Word, it terrifies us and causes us to seek peace with Him. We are wise to consider our few days of life and gain a heart of wisdom before this Lord and God.

He sees all of us – our body, mind and soul and all our sins are revealed before Him. We live under His judgment and feel the force of His wrath in our minds and hearts and we seek to be forgiven and brought near to our God. He sees all our sin, open sin and hidden sin, throughout all the meagre years of our life, in His all-searching light. We need to have regard for the days of our life that we might find Him.

The psalmist asks to be allowed to be glad for as many years as he has been afflicted. He asks that he would know the unfailing love of the Lord every morning and be able to sing every day of his life, and not be full of sorrow. The Lord can fix this. Only the Lord knows the root cause of all our sufferings and only he can release us. He will vindicate His people and be the blessing to their families and children’s children. The psalmist prays that the Lord will bless the work of his hands, and give him success and satisfaction in what he is doing.

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