Queen of heaven

Why as women do we put ourselves down and remain satisfied with being put down? It it not humility for we are made and exalted for more…

I am not nothing – second best, second fiddle or second rate.

I am a daughter of the everlasting kingdom.

I am a child of God.

I am the eternal Bride of Christ.

I am heir with Christ to the throne of God.

I will reign with Christ in the eternal kingdom forever.

I will judge angels and men in the kingdom of the Father.

I am a Queen of heaven.

Some day I shall wear the gold of Ophir and sit beside my King.

I will rule eternity with Christ…

I don’t think the Lord is very pleased when His daughters are put down or made to feel second to anyone. He is offended when they are offended and hurt when they are hurt.

Let us take our place in the kingdom with great joy and full of our confidence in Christ.

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