Psalm 85

Please read Psalm 85 (13 verses)

The mercy of the Lord goes down in history in the psyche of His precious people. When they go astray, He teaches them the right paths and brings them back again into fellowship with Himself. He freely forgives all our sin and our wandering away from His righteous pathway and brings us back to a right personal and collective walk with Him.

Every time we wander we pray again for restoration. The psalmist asks that God is not angry forever nor remember the sins of the generations of His people, but to restore them again to love and peace. He asks for the unfailing love of Christ that the people might again know the salvation of the Lord, as they repent and turn back to the path of life. We will listen to the Lord, who promises peace, and not to walk the pathways of folly. If we walk in the fear of the Lord, then our nations will be healed and the work of salvation will take hold in the life of the people. When we repent, God can work in us and restore us again.

Love and faithfulness can again meet together in a glorious love affair. Righteousness and peace, also, meet us greet each other with a holy kiss. This is the way of God and the blessing of God. The land itself will yield a great harvest and God will shower good on His people. The precursor for this beautiful blessing is righteousness. Righteousness exalts nations and individual people, so we must pursue it and find the peace and blessing of the Lord.

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