Psalm 86

Please read Psalm 86 (17 verses)

This is a prayer that indicates the close relationship between the psalmist and God. It is honest and intimate and so encouraging and comforting to read. The psalmist takes his low position before the Lord, as poor and needy. He asks for joy, protection and mercy because this is his all-day, daily need. He acknowledges the Lord as forgiving and good and with amazing love toward anyone who will call on His name. The Lord will accept anyone who comes in humility and faith and will accept them into His holy presence in personal fellowship. The writer knows this because of past experience of calling on the Lord and always receiving an answer to his requests and having power from God.

There is no one like the Lord and no one who can touch His holiness, mercy and love. All the nations will bow down and honour Him, because of who He is and what He has done. All human and created life will bow down in worship of the Lord for all His marvellous deeds, of which there is no comparison. God alone dwells in heaven as the singular and almighty God.

The psalmist asks to learn the way of faith that he might have a heart that is wholly devoted to God and not distracted by anything or anyone else. He will forever glorify and praise the Lord for all that has been done for him, especially his eternal life, which delivers him in life and death.

His foes are always around him, but God will never leave His belovèd servant because He is a faithful and constant Lord. The writer asks God to always have His face towards him as his friend and confidant and to save him, just as God saved and walked with his mother. He asks God for a sign of His goodness in the life of the writer, that he will be vindicated before his enemies and be encouraged in the Lord his God.

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