Psalm 84

Please read Psalm 84 (12 verses)

The desire of the truly repentant heart is to dwell with the Lord and to frequent the courts of the Lord. The psalmist expresses his deep desire to inhabit the dwelling place of the Lord as a fainting soul in need of the constant refreshment from his Lord and God. His love for God is supreme and the closeness is so real that he cries out to the Lord with all his being, body and soul. He expresses his longing to be like the little sparrows that can make their nests in the courts of the Lord.

Those who trust in the Lord with all their heart and travel through this weary world on their pilgrimage to heaven, refresh every place they go and create oasis of blessing and succour for the weary souls of this world. When they pass through a wilderness they make it a place of refreshment with springs of living water and cooling Autumn rains. They are a bonus wherever they go and bring many souls to righteousness.

The psalmist asks for favour from his Lord and to be a servant, a door keeper, an usher in the house of the Lord rather then dwell in luxurious tents where the wicked live for themselves. He would serve the Lord with a full heart and longs for just one day in the courts of God rather than a thousand spent in self-absorbed pleasures.

The Lord bestows life and protection on all who look to Him. It is He alone who can give favour and honour in our life and He will not withhold the blessing from those who walk uprightly and remain blameless. Not faultless, but following earnestly after God and His holy law. We obey because we are blessed in His grace and kept by His tender mercies.

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