Psalm 83

Please read Psalm 83 (18 verses)

The enemy is continually plotting and looking for opportunities to destroy the people of God. He hates human beings and especially those who belong to the faith, and are alive to God. The psalmist asks God to speak the word of deliverance for His people and to not remain silent or deaf to their cries. The enemy cannot destroy the people of God but can make trouble and heartache and render them ineffective. He tries to do this by keeping us silent to the mercy of the Lord and making us doubt our witness to Him. He will undermine and discourage us, but we must be always aware of his schemes.

The enemy will plot together to overthrow the righteous and form all sorts of unlikely alliances, just to fulfil this one goal. Satan can motivate armies, cities and nations against God’s people, but we remember that God is always in control and will not allow His faithful ones to be shaken. All the traditional armies have lined up against the people of God, and all who have been rejected by God are now going to mobilise against Him. The nations of the world militate against the land of God and imagine that they are great enough and strong enough to overcome Judah and take the inheritance given by God. This is the folly of the human thinking. It is so common, for the people of God look weak and insignificant and easy to overthrow. But the might of heaven is with them and they cannot fail.

The psalmist calls to God to protect and wreck vengeance on the enemies of God’s people and to completely subdue and humiliate them and their leaders, like Sisera who was tricked and put to shame in his death with a tent peg. Jabin who was also humiliated and put to flight by the hand of the Lord against him. The writer prays that God will make enemies useless and ineffectual and their reputation and power will just dissipate and become like tumbleweed. He wishes shame and disgrace for them and that the outward manifestations of the power of God will be against all who set themselves against the Lord and His people. Everyone will know that the Lord is God and He alone vanquishes all evil.

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