Psalm 82

Pleases read Psalm 82 (8 verses)

God alone is God. He rises in judgment on all the other gods, who are not gods at all. He calls us to do the same. Then will we be great and be set above all things with Christ, to rule in the heavenly kingdom. If we will be bow our knees to Him and honour Him and all His holy commandments, then we will be daughters and sons of the Living God, set on high.

But we do not love justice. We put down the weak and lowly people and give honour and equity to the rich and seemingly noble, and are prejudiced on their behalf. We show partiality to those who we think will benefit our personal causes and ignore the plight of the needy who can do nothing for us at all. We do not take bribes, but we load the dice against the helpless and take from them what they cannot afford. The widow and the fatherless who have nothing of this world’s goods nor the comfort of family and home we still leave destitute and ignore their pleas for mercy. We deny their case for justice and give it to the rich and influential instead. Indeed, we deliver them into the hands of their enemies for our own satisfaction and benefit.

The gods we follow lead us into darkness and spiritual poverty and death. We build ourselves up to the detriment of other parties and God labels us as unjust and unprofitable. It does not matter who we think we are or what we imagine we have accomplished, it is dross without Him. If we continue in our chosen way we will reach trouble and our whole world will be shaken. We will wreck our societies, institutions and organisations because we are morally and spiritually corrupt. The whole edifice will fall and God will allow it, so that His majesty and justice is seen. All who build for themselves will perish with their works.

The psalmist asks the Lord to rise up and intervene, that the world will be saved from us and our corrupt ways. No one is exempt from the justice of God because the nations belong to Him.

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