Psalm 81

Pleases read Psalm 81 (16 verses)

If only we would follow the Lord and obey Him, we would enjoy the finest of all things, food from the table of heaven. But we think we know better and our fleshly desires draw our hearts after the blessings of this life and we lose out on closeness to the Lord. We lose our delight in the Word of God and prefers other things. We find ourselves enslaved by troubles and personal foibles, and lose out on the liberty of Christ.

The psalmist tells us to rejoice in the Lord and to express our praise on all the instruments of music that He has given us. The Lord has instigated feast days, happy days of pleasure and rejoicing in Him and we are to do so with a full heart. We can meet with others to share the name of the Lord and be thankful for all His rich and merciful blessings, in this life and in our souls. God has so richly blessed us and set us free from the shackles of the enemy and the slavery of this present life and set us at liberty to enjoy Him and live life in His light.

God has rescued us from our burdens and distresses and set our heart in the highest of places to serve and obey Him. His burdens are easy and light and resonate with our souls, for we are made for God and His closeness. This is the place of happiness and joy and true hearted rest. To enjoy this, God must be only and first in our life and no other dearest thing is to take His place – not ideas, beliefs, possessions or people. He must be central in all our mindset and considerations. He will set us on high and when we have need or desire, He will fill it with all His goodness.

The only hindrance, is that we will not put the Lord at the centre or top of our thinking. We will not trust the Lord so implicitly and we will not set aside our preponderances to sin and self. If only we would then all our enemies would be put to flight and cringe before us. Only in the Lord do we have the finest things in life and even death is ours, for we have the victory in Christ.

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