Psalm 72

Please read Psalm 72 (20 verses)

This is a song about the psalmist’s son, the majestic king Solomon, endowed with great wisdom, riches and influence. The words of this song are also synonymous with the majesty of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a Messianic Psalm full of praise, adoration and pictures of the glories of Christ and the kingdom to come. The Psalm starts off with requests for the spiritual prosperity of Solomon, that he will be righteous, just and afflict the oppressor who treads down the children of the needy. The language then takes flight to praise and exalt the name of our Saviour Jesus.

The Psalmist speaks of the Lord Jesus as enduring forever as the eternal Son of God. That He will bless the earth with righteousness and peace and that the ground will flourish under His dominion. He will rule from sea to sea and every nation and tribe will be subjugated to Him. All Kings and Queens will bow down to Him and every nation will serve Him. He, the eternal King, will rule because He will deliver the needy and the afflicted and have pity on all who cry out to Him. All bloodshed, oppression and violence will cease and the eternal kingdom will come in all its perfect glory.

People everywhere will give Him precious gifts, rare and rich. As the mighty God, all the people will pray to Him petitioning all their requests which will be granted. The crops will flourish and the whole land sing for joy at the blessing of the Lord. His name will endure when all other names are forgotten in antiquity and He will reign supreme throughout the eternal ages. All will call Him Blessèd for all will be blessed by Him.

We praise the Lord with every part of our being, who alone does amazing deeds and speaks true words. The psalmist signs off with the praise of God’s glorious name and that the whole earth will one day be full of His glory. Amen and Amen…

This is the glorious picture of the kingdom of Christ which is being set up on the earth. When Jesus returns it will fully come in all its glory and death will finally be put to flight and sin conquered forever. All the redeemed people of God will live in peace and joy forever. All this has been bought by the precious blood of Christ for us.

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