Psalm 71

Pleases read Psalm 71 (24 verses)

All through the life of the believer, from conception to the bed of death, the Lord our God is faithful. He will never let the godly be shaken or destroyed by anything. He will protect them from the day of birth to the days of old age. We can take refuge in the Lord because He is a rock to which we can always go when days are weary and threatening. The Lord delivers His people from trials and the battering of the storms of life, and will be a safe haven for those who are oppressed.

The Christian is a sign to the world of the reality of God and faith is the proof that He exists. No one has any excuse for not believing and carrying on in a life of sin. The fact that the Christian continues is a witness to the keeping power of God and that there is a higher being who can sustain us even when we stand alone.

The vulnerability of old age is under the especial care of the Lord. The enemy thinks we are frail and weakened by the terrors and troubles of life, but the opposite is true. The Lord strengthens us in the magnitude of our weaknesses and will put on a demonstration of power in the life of His older saints. The enemy might think we are bereft, but God will never leave His people, even if all others do. He delights to show His glory in the humble life of the Christian.

We lift our voices in praise to Him and play on stringed instruments to His glory and honour. This is the outward strength of the Christian – to rejoice in opposition and suffering and still praise the name of God when all earthly comforts cease. The Lord permits us to experience many bitter trials, but every time He brings us up out of them stronger, wiser and more resilient than before. We are never lost and are comforted on every side. The Christian becomes greater and greater as time goes by and the deeper the trials the sweeter and more Christ-like we become. Nothing will confound us or bring us down from the heights of praising our blessed Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit who witnesses in us that we belong to God. The Father is our strong refuge and will put to shame all who hurt His people, and they will shout for joy at His deliverance.

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