Psalm 73

Please read Psalm 73 (28 verses)

The psalmist admits that he is in danger of being deceived by the seeming success of the wicked. He sees that they have few struggles and are healthy and strong, whereas he struggles in his life with all kinds of trials. He feels jealousy toward them and their seeming easy lot. They are free from common ills and are not plagued by the difficulties of life, for they have knowledge of how the world works and are able to play the game to be on top and stay on top. They seem to have all the advantages of life and the know how to use their skills and situations for their own good. Consequently, they are filled with their own pride and their calloused hearts do not acknowledge the Lord. They oppress others to further their own advantage and aquire more for themselves.

The psalmist ponders his own life and feels that he has been overly concerned with doing the right thing and so has lost out in the race for the blessings of this earthly life. He realises this is a treacherous way to think about his life status and situation, for the Lord has ordered his ways and has kept him in times of great trouble. He repents of this thinking and seeks a deeper understanding – a spiritual outlook on the life he has led. When he goes into the temple of God he then realises the spiritual standing of the worldly minded as perilous.

In terms of God they are in an unenviable position and will be consumed with terrors as they one day face the consequences of their sin and rejection of the ways of the Lord. They are like a dream to the Lord because he gives them so little credence or importance. They will be like a fantasy that dissipates when the reality of waking takes over. They will be forgotten with all their strategies and works, and the kingdom of God will be fully established. The psalmist reminds himself of his exalted position and many spiritual privileges he enjoys in the Lord his God.

God will never leave him and always upholds him in all circumstances, building his faith and making him worthy and strong. He is guided every day and enjoys the sweet fellowship of heaven, which no one can take away. He knows his flesh will someday fail in death, but God will forever be his portion and constant companion in the countless ages of eternity. He is now content, having seen the futility of those who embrace this world, and the lovingkindness of the Lord his refuge. His confidence is now restored and he will tell of the deeds of the Lord.

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