Psalm 64

Please read Psalm 64 (10 verses)

Why does God allow the wicked to prosper? The psalmist is raising his voice of complaint to the Lord, for he is suffering acutely with the attacks of wicked people, speaking and acting out evil.

The wicked are described as the rebellious and workers of all kinds of iniquity. They complain and gossip at will and shoot bitterness into the collective mindset of the community. They have no fear of God nor the consequences of what they do and say. They are never sorry, but encourage themselves to continue in their evil ways and lay traps for those who seek to walk uprightly before the Lord. They think creativity and come up with all sorts of wickedness to get their own way and to think of ways to always get what they want out of life. They think they have great success and are mighty, because they have such wicked skills directed against the will of God and all righteousness. These treacherous people use the strategy of disseminating fear and holding other people in emotional chains to keep them compliant to the will of the spirit of the age.

The thoughts and intentions of the human heart are very deep in terms of ability and hidden motivation. We can hide from ourselves and trick ourselves about our intentions. But these things are nothing to God, for He sees the heart of man in all its wickedness and is never taken in by any of it. He reveals it to those He loves and protects their psyche from the onslaughts of the enemy of their souls. The Lord will bring them down to size and show the ungodly up for what they are. They will stumble over what they say and be caught in the lies that they live, with their wicked intentions and motivations.

God will display wickedness for what it really is and people will flee from it. We see the same principle in our own hearts and know that moment when we see our own wickedness and turn and run away from pursuing it. This is the work of God in our life. People will see the works of the wicked and how ugly they are and will run away and reject them. They will not follow the folly of the ungodly but seek the goodness and mercy of the Lord. This is why God raises the wicked, that they might testify to his truth and glorify His name. The anger of the wicked will praise the Lord. The righteous will rejoice at the triumph of all goodness and will glory in the fact that righteousness is victorious.

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