Psalm 63

Please read Psalm 63 (11 verses)

What do you think about in the sleepless watches of the night? The psalmist uses the opportunity to meditate on the ways of the Lord and how the Lord has given him refuge under the shadow of His wings. God is the Lord and it is personal. Whatever our situation, the Lord is involved with us and will bring us safely through and strengthen us in it.

What do we remember in the dark night? Perhaps we rehearse the ills that have befallen us or we sort out the thought processes that have troubled us in the daytime. Perhaps we think of others and their relationships with us and we try to sort out difficulties and differences. Whatever we might think our souls should follow closely behind the Lord and we put our troubles with other people on the mercy of the Lord and rely on His wisdom to help us. All enemies will be put away and will suffer the destiny they deserve, but the psalmist rejoices in the Lord for he knows that all lies will be stopped.

If we hear about the Lord in our early years of life, it is good to put our trust in Him in those early days and walk with God through our whole life. We find ourselves thirsting for God and longing in our flesh to be with the Lord, as life appears so disappointing and heartbreaking. The Lord keeps us in his lovingkindness or we could not walk the vain roads of this fallen world. We bless the Lord and lift up holy hands to Him and are satisfied with His kindness and love towards us. It compounds the blessing and we find ourselves with joyful lips, able to rejoice even on dull days and years.

We look for the Lord in His sanctuary and there see displayed for us in the service and communion and fellowship of the saints, the power and glory of the Lord. This is our spiritual home and the rejoicing of our heart to be in the presence of God and His people. This is the longing of the redeemed heart, and to have this fellowship is to be treasured and guarded. As we seek the Lord our issues somehow vanish and we rejoice in our salvation. Those long watches in the night become opportunities to spend time with God and commune with Him. He draws close to us when the clamour of the day is over and we can have peace.

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