Psalm 62

Please read Psalm 62 (12 verses)

There is a place for waiting in silence and meditation on the Lord. As we sit quietly, we think of our salvation and the enormity of what God has done for us. We meditate on His perpetual lovingkindness to us as His people and the fact that no one can move us from our blessed estate. We consider our own weakness and the oppression of the wicked who seek the destruction of the woman of God and the constant onslaughts of the enemy that would bring us down. We are no more that a tottering fence that must bear with the insults and degradation that is meted out to the righteous. We humble ourselves before the Lord and wait for deliverance.

We trust in the Lord and pour out our hearts before Him. He is our rock and deliverer and there is no point in seeking help from other sources. We spread out our needs, our woes and wants before our Lord and God and He fills us with good things. He is able to hold the righteous and cover over all their wounds. We cannot be moved away from Him, for the keeping power of the Lord is constant. Is does not matter how we feel, but we come before His presence with singing and He rejoices our hearts in His presence.

We do not trust in humankind, nor in the extent of our resources. People have lives that are only a vapour before the Lord and those who rule and Lord it over others are a lie. Our lives are lighter than vapour and we get nothing by oppression or the acquisition of riches. All power belong to God and He decides our lives and our pathway in Him. The Lord is also merciful and does not treat us as we deserve. He will judge our mindset, our work and our motivations and decide our reward. This is a great comfort to the believer, because we do not depend on the judgement of others, but on the one who sees all and can judge fairly and justly.

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