Psalm 61

Please read Psalm 61 (8 verses)

It is a wonderful situation to be in, to know that the Lord will be with you, no matter what you are facing in your life. We know we can call out to the Lord when we are overwhelmed by the trouble and beyond coping. We can cry out to Him whatever our circumstances and wherever we may be in the scheme of things in any part of this world, for He is the Lord of all. He is the rock that is higher than all other seeming comforts or sources of strength, and therefore is the pinnacle of our refuge and hope.

The psalmist knows he can depend on the Lord for He has proved the Lord in the past events of his life and knows that the Lord is a strong tower for him. He can shelter under the wings of the Lord, for there is great comfort there. He seeks the constant presence of the Lord and to dwell in the house of the Lord at all times. He has full assurance that he is part of the heritage of the Lord and belongs to the household of faith. God is not going to shorten his life and deliver him into the hands of his enemies, but will protect his life so that he will see good days and the outworking of the mercy of the Lord.

The life of the believer is hid in God and that fact will preserve him forever. This fills the psalmist with great joy and he praises the name of the Lord and will respond to the faithfulness of the Lord by daily fulfilling his promises to the Lord, and being a faithful servant. He is faithful because the Lord is faithful to Him and a constant source of strength in his life. His daily vow is praise to the Lord his God.

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