Psalm 65

Please read Psalm 65 (13 verses)

How good it is to belong to Christ and be a Christian. The psalmist is so thankful for the personal relationship he enjoys with the living God. God has done everything for his temporal and spiritual good. God has forgiven us all our sins already and the price has been paid to buy our souls for Him. We will enjoy the glory of heaven with our dearly Belovèd, Christ when all our vows to the Lord are fulfilled. We rejoice to know Him, to enjoy the filling of our souls with all good things, and the constant answer to our prayers.

God answers our requests with awesome deeds far beyond our reckoning or desire. He has done mighty things for us which we contemplate in joy and gratitude. He alone is the hope of the earth, for He has armed himself with power. He stills every storm and stops every war by His strength and the whole earth is a wonder to His majesty. We are without excuse in not believing in Him, for He resides in the morning dawn and the evening shades. The seasons and times call forth songs of joy, so why not the heart of the creatures God has made?

The Lord cares for all our needs. The rain falls, the crops grow in abundance and we are richly blessed. All the shelves are full in the shops and we can access everything we need and much more. We live in lands of abundance and have health and strength to work and get what we need. We rejoice in the Lord for His temporal blessings. Even if we have less than we think we want, or must struggle to trust God for our provision, yet He does provide for us. Even if we have very little of this world’s goods, the Lord gives us all we need to be healthy and survive. To know His bounty is a great blessing and makes our hearts sing for joy to Him. How sad to have no loving God to be grateful to, and no mighty love to surround us and make us whole. We lift our hearts in praise and adoration to Him who gives all.

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