The heavenly ones


“as is the heavenly man, so also are those who are of heaven.”  1 Corinthians 15:48

What an amazing statement. As Christ the heavenly man is the perfect man and is exalted above all other beings in power and glory, so also His redeemed people. Living in this life, we are not yet made perfect. As we live on earth so we strive to enter into this reality, knowing it will only be realised when we step into eternity with Christ forever. 

We have not yet entered in, but eagerly desire the better things- the spiritual. The outward wastes away, but the inner person is renewed every day. We also wait for the mortal body to put on eternal life forever and our whole person is redeemed to God.

In Christ we have already entered in. The everlasting God dwells in eternity and sees all events as the perfect “now.” His people have always been His. Even as we have been born sinners, yet His grace has chosen us for righteousness. We do not see the completion of this in our dead spiritual state, and cannot comprehend His perfect perspective on the final reckoning of His love for humankind.

No one plucks Christians from Christ. We will certainly overcome, by His blessed grace. The price is already paid, and we are already free. 

But to our fleshly view, we are travelling on and getting older. We see events as a line of progress as we learn and grow and mature. God sees the end of a life from its beginning and nothing surprises Him. God knows those humans who are His. We endure to the end because of His grace. Our final victory is by His grace. 

The truth remains, so that we are encouraged and see who we are in Christ. We fight to overcome and pursue God in order that we will surely enter in. We walk in the confidence of the Holy Spirit as we put to death the works of our dead flesh. Without the subduing of the evil that continues to lurk in our own hearts, we will not have the spiritual strength to grow in grace and bear fruit. Faith and deeds are dependant on each other. Faith is the gift of God and works of kindness are the fruit of that faith.

May this be our strong desire as we face another year. 

May we seek more earnestly to spread the good news, that sinful people can be made new and enter into the reality of that heavenly kingdom… 

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