One thing and more


The Scripture, any Scripture is not just one thing. If I take one verse from Scripture, it is tempting to take one thing out of it and focus on it, and overlook the other truth shown there. 

“A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out, till he has brought justice through to victory.”  Matthew 12:20

We quote the first bit that brings comfort to us when we fail and fall, or regard ourselves as just limping along in life. Our strength and ability is severely damaged and worth only to be broken up for the fire, like kindling. Or a candle almost extinguished because the wax is all used up and the flame is about to go out. The love of Jesus does not finish off the weak or unable. He will mend the bruising and fan the failing light into flame. What a Saviour.! He is able and willing and will not act like the people of this dark world who blame and judge and condemn.

However this situation is only the case as we wait for the day when Christ will have gathered in all His people and He come again in the clouds of heaven to bring final and perfect righteousness. This world is not just or true, but one day that situation will be put right and the judge of all things will give the final verdict of destruction to all evil. 

Christ has already won the victory over sin and death and is working out the end of His will, which is the rescue of all those who come to faith through repentance. He is holding open the door of His kingdom until the last redeemed moral failure has entered in. Then the day of mercy will be over and the judge will rule supreme. All flesh will see His glory and many will weep because of Him. Justice will come for all and the nations will put their hope in Him. 

This Saviour is no easy push-over. He is no soft touch that we can use to make ourselves feel better. He offers salvation to all who come to Him in faith and He will never turn us away. 

But justice will prevail and there is a day of reckoning for the unbelieving heart. There is a day of judgment when the unrepentant person will face God’s justice and their own eternal loss. Wrongs will be put right because of Christ’s victory on the cross. Righteousness will prevail and all who love righteousness will reign with Him. 

All those broken reeds and almost extinguished candles will become whole and renewed by the power of the Saviour once slain and now triumphant in His victory. So we have the two sides of this Scripture- victory and spiritual life and the justice of God, which shall prevail. 

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