Doctrine or dishes?

The dilemma of roles continues to trouble the Christian community. We are still struggling with ideas regarding who does what. We are still finding it hard to grasp that women can be interested in theology and are often much better at clear thinking than their male counter parts. The ethos is still around men doing a set of activities and women doing the other bits. The other bits seem to involve the lower cognitive roles.

The talk and social conditioning revolves around assigning women and men to set tasks, with no regard for choice or preference. To talk of such issues, is tantamount to heresy, in some quarters.

Should I study doctrine, or will to “spoil me” for doing the dishes? If I read the deep councils of God, will it stop me wanting to pick up after everyone else?

The more we study God’s word, one to one with Him, with the gracious Holy Spirit, the more able we are to shoulder the humble life of Christ. It goes against our grain. We easily think we are something or someone. Ministry of all kinds, can be spoiled by thinking it’s all about elevated people. We verge on the failings of past religion and think we need a human mediator between ourselves and God.

Doctrine is difficult, but without it we are weak. Our understanding of Scripture depends on another person digesting it for us and then telling us about it… even logically that tells us we are not personally close to the Living God…

There are no short cuts. As we come aside from world orientated thoughts and deeds, and delve into the Word of God, we come into His direct presence and He speaks through the written word and the witness of the Spirit of God within us.

If we don’t know the Word for ourselves, we will never be able to discern its truth or make godly judgments about life. If we don’t pursue the life of God every day, we will be weak and ineffective servants.

Doing the dishes is serving God, but we all must have the life within and the solid and reliable Word of God strengthening our souls and growing in our personal and particular relationship with our Father, our Saviour and the Holy Spirit…

The idea that it is the men who are most suited to cognitive orientated activities, is damaging to all Christians. If you don’t delve into doctrine, then hiding over the sink, is the road to no relationship with God at all.

Let us encourage each other to be the people we are meant to be, learning and developing our minds and souls to love the Lord more and to be like Him.

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