Revealing the secret things of God

2017-04-11 16.23.12

Maybe no particular human being should do so. Maybe the place for these treasures are not in sermons or in talks or public discussions. These secret things are revealed to the Believer as they read the holy scriptures and the Holy Spirit reveals to them the things of God. Things that God wants is people to know in their personal, deep and holy spiritual lives. There are things that only God can show His people. This is why we need to draw aside by ourselves and be in God’s presence and keep company with Him.

Going to church is not enough. Listening to sermons is not enough. We need to draw close to Him and build our own personal lives with Him, so that what is revealed to us is first hand and is precious to us, because He himself showed it to us, by the Living Spirit within.

Some might say, well people will get it wrong. They need a mediator to explain everything and make sure everyone stays on track. This sound very like a religious movement, or even a new religion! This is often this is how these organisations/denominations/religions start. They have a form of “godliness” but the power is denied. A few years into the new schemata, and things are going a bit wrong, so we feel the need of help from the outside to make our ideas cogent.

There is a choice at this point. Do we carry on regardless with fingers crossed, or do we earnestly repent and call on the living God to come down and change us from the inside out. Really, for the Christian there is no choice.

The dependency culture is propagated, and very quickly, “Christians” are asleep and the personal life in and with the Spirit is gone. We all need guidance and it is good to share and listen to others, but pushing church leaders into role of priest and king, is not helpful for them, or for those who depend on them. Every Christian is called to be priest and king

The bigger the organisation, the greater the problem. It becomes a kind of trap, and complacency takes hold and soon we are a social group, serving each other with very little love for Christ or others.

Reading books, especially of people who are gone before, can be very helpful. It is good to read and listen, but we do so with the Bible open before us and the witness of the Holy Spirit in our souls. The bottom line for truth is the Word of God, and the discerning power of the Spirit.

This is not a free for all.


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