Will everyone be saved?

The Apostle Pul wrote to Timothy regarding the salvation of the world.

1 Timothy 2:4 “God wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.”

This would seem to be a declaration of the false doctrine of universal salvation. Universal salvation holds to the idea that God is love and will not let people be punished by going to hell. It purports to be the kind and gentle alternative to the harsh realty of the law of God and the depths of depravity of the life of sin.

God’s heartfelt desire is that every human being will come to Him and enjoy His love and forgiveness forever, but God is bound by His own holy law and the eternal justice that makes Him God over all.

God is holy. This is a fact that we can never really grasp. His holiness reach far beyond the skies and even hell itself is a reflection of that burning goodness. Hebrews 12:29 “God is a consuming fire” There is no messing about with God, duping his wisdom or hiding from that all searching eye. His holiness is maintained by Himself.

Those who are fearful are the wise ones. Salvation is not given by God to everyone, and that should drive us to our knees and entreat the Father to save us. This is why God sends out His messengers to preach and reach out with the truth in love. Men and women who will be honest and warn people of their need and tell them that Christ has died for them.

The Lord Jesus Christ holds out His hands of mercy- wounded by the love that kept Him on the cross, to die for sinners. This is the offer of grace.

God’s desire is love. His will is perfect and good and he has chosen a people for his name. They will all be saved and come to that knowledge of the truth. Why not every one? Because God in His holiness is bound by that same holiness. No evil will ever enter the eternal kingdom. God is God and cannot break His own moral law, and become a hypocrite. He is true and only He is true. The difficulties arise for us when we think we can take on that mighty intellect and come up with an argument that will surprise or thwart the Holy God!

Our response to him is the bended knee and the heart of repentance which He then fills with faith. As we exercise that gift of faith, we are instantly saved. A point in time and space when God met man and preformed a miracle of grace, also known as the foot of the cross. What a Saviour…!

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