God us not thrilled about the attitudes displayed towards a His daughters, in these modern church days. The attitude of Jesus was not the same as is displayed in many church situations. When we view Him as He walked this earth, He spoke and treated women as actual beings, and dealt with their inner and deepest needs of forgiveness and communion with God. It was revolutionary in the male- orientated culture, and it is still different to the prevailing culture today.

The interactions of Christ with women of all sorts and backgrounds was opposite to the way women were treated in their culture at that time. He spoke to them respectfully, and with honesty and challenge to show them who He was and their need of Him. They reacted in faith and love and gave their lives to Him, to serve Him always. The devotion of women has always been remarkable, and their mindset is often one of great piety and love for Christ.

We see Jesus interacting with women who lived sinful lifestyles and speaking to them with love and the desire to bring them to Himself. We see The Lord speaking with a woman believer and interacting with her as they discussed theology. He was able to meet each one as they needed and treated them as individuals, who He had made for Himself.

Jesus knew their devotion and cherished the care and support He and His disciples received, in the women’s homes. Working women financially and practically supported The Lord in His earthly ministry and He was accepted without reservation into the homes of His daughters. He did not treat them as servants or children, but knew the depths of their love and worship of His person.

In these days, we seem to have lost that idea of offering everything to the Lord, and we tend to think it is all about strategy. We focus on the practicalities of activities, rather than the spiritual elements. This is reflected in our prayers and the lack of personal love to Christ.

Perhaps we need to examine the lives of women and find our way back to holiness and personal devotion to The Lord Jesus.

Devotion to Christ is directly linked to the strength of our faith and our ability to keep going in His service. There are many women who serve silently and unseen who’s work will only be revealed on the last day. Love keeps going regardless and rests on the love of the Saviour. Women are blessed with this gift, and God values it highly. Even if others do not, let us not give up our reward, for worldly recognition and social gain.

All Christians need to re-examine their attitudes to each other, as brothers and sisters in Christ, and adjust attitudes in a just and spiritual way. To exercise control strategies towards women, makes everyone less and all miss out the blessing of women being free to serve God as He decides.



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