Reigning forever


I am a daughter of the King of all Kings. Someday I shall reign with Him and no one will put me down. I will reign with equity, righteousness and holiness and none shall be afraid.

I am a bride in waiting, for the great marriage feast of the Lamb. I shall be forever with my husband, the Lord Christ, and I will sit with Him in eternal glory. I will not be second or disposable or a necessary burden in His kingdom, but will be lifted up to delight in Him and enjoy my inheritance- the throne of God.

Sin will not reign, nor will it be talked about or remembered. This present life will be a tale that is told and will quickly fade into forgotteness. I will take my life eternal and become the woman He always intended me to be.

I will know and understand even as He knows me, and I shall be filled with all wisdom, discretion and pure judgment. I shall see the final outcome of my life’s work and witness for His glory. Those who came to know Him because of my witness will shine in me as His glory. Those who taught me and brought me to faith in Christ, will see me also as a jewel in their crowns given by God.

Why walk this present life in the gloom? Ahead of us is only eternal glory and such beauty, as the perfect reflection of our Saviour Jesus. As we have walked with Him in this life, so we will walk with Him in eternity, in step together. True love will finally be understood and every redeemed human heart will comprehend what love is.

The cross will be central to the songs of heaven. None will forget the price paid so that they could be in the majestic place and raised to those utmost heights. No one will imagine they have any ability or gift that was not bought for them at such a price, and the sheer freedom from the chains of sin, will be our singular praise.

The bride will wonder at her bridegroom. He will take all her attention, adoration and praise. He will reign forever, with His bride shining gloriously by His side, like the stars forever and ever.

This is revealed to us in the Word of God, which is truth and will unfold to those who have eyes to see….

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