Providing food


Mark 8:2 NIV “I have compassion for these people; they have already been with me three days and have nothing to eat.”

Three days with Jesus- what joy..! It went by so easily and occupied their minds so completely, they forgot the necessary needs if the human body. Yet we have finite bodies and the Lord knows it and provides for us.

Jesus tells the people to sit down and feeds every person with food to satisfy their want and need. The bounty of the Lord Jesus is great, way beyond what we could expect or imagine. Jesus provides the food and His disciples distribute it to all in need. What a picture of humility and mercy that God does His mighty works through the agency of fallen men and women. There is work for all to do.

Many are in great need in these sorry days- not just the temporal needs of life, but of deep spiritual wants that can only be satisfied by Him. We cannot forgive the soul, cleanse the conscience or calm the troubled mind from guilt. These need the loving heart of a Saviour who has already paid the debt and can bring rest in the heart and an eternal friendship with Himself. What compassion He has towards us.

The Pharisees were not pleased about it. They viewed the crowd differently and did not approve of God wasting time and resources on them. They tried to be sophisticated about their objections. Asking Jesus for a sign from heaven, Jesus sighed deeply at their lack of insight and yet angry at their blatant unbelief.

They got no sign. Well, they got the sign of feeding the hungry, but refused to recognise it. This is the falsehood of Pharisees. They want God on their terms. They want what He has got for them, but not Him.

Even those who saw this miracle, still could not see above and beyond. Even those who trusted Jesus, they still continued to doubt. And we too. How often God provides for us and we give credit to another? How often He provides for our spiritual good and our building up in godly vigour and we ignore it? How often we pray and don’t expect an answer? Or notice it when God causes it to happen, and we are thrilled??!!

When Jesus asks the disciples about the leftovers of the miracle, they can hardly remember… How slow of heart we are and how untuned to heavenly providence…

Lord, give us faith, insight and compassion as you have for us, that we will regard the multitude and feed them with the spiritual bread from your table… for us too, or we will perish…

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