Priscilla and Aquila


Those two Christian believers were a true pair. Even their names matched..! They were married and had come to a true faith in Jesus Christ and were living their lives, full out for Him. Everything they had was His and everything they did was for His glory. What an example they were of what God can do in human lives.

Neither of them were number one to the other. As husband and wife they knew that their first love was Christ. This might seem strange to modern, worldly wise people, but when Jesus is in the first place and our love is for Him, all other loves fall into their right place, and we are happy. We can relate to each other in submission, because we live submitted lives to Him.

Priscilla and Aquila had to leave their life in Rome and move to Corinth. They were both tent makers, and they set up their business in an open-air site in Corinth. They worked hard and worked together, both in their business and also in serving the Lord. They met Paul here, as his trade was also tent-making. As they spoke to him, they learned more about faith and the joy of living as God’s people together. They grew strong in the Spirit and generous in serving Him.

Everything they had did not belong to either of them. All they were and had was placed on the altar of sacrifice to their Saviour Jesus. They gave to others with kindness and taught the way to God with patience and love. Their home was thrown open so that local Christians could meet and fellowship together.

Aquila and Priscilla were models of true Christian living and set the mark for all who came after. There was no competition for top place or desire to lord it over the other party, but a mutual submission to the work of the Holy Spirit in each other’s lives. It sees so alien in the days in which we live. We are overcome by world orientated desires to be in charge and build a temple for God in our own image. We have become corporate and desirous to be acceptable to earthly systems and philosophies.

The way of Christ is not so. He requires truth in our inner selves and adherence to the Spirit’s work and wisdom from God, found only in the Holy scriptures. To live as Priscilla and Aquila did, in holy communion with God and with all people without prejudice. No one can do this without the Spirit, nor do we even want to.

It’s a tall order. Walking with God.

Or walking in the light of our own eyes, in fellowship with this world’s ideas, rather than walking in fellowship with God.



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