Step outside


If I step up and step out with God, will I be satisfied with Him and His purposes and not my own ideas about how it should be? How will other people react?

We live in hesitant and distracting times. God’s people have lost their sense of urgency and the fact that there is a world of lost people facing an eternity without God. We need money, backing, counselling, an organisation to maintain the activity, and give us clout…. Why?

Everyone lives in a neighbourhood, and has some sort of relationships with the people in it- our street, block of flats, housing complex, etc. How should Christians react?
We go to work, study, take part in activities, and there are people there too… do we have feeling for those around us in every place?

These questions are not the heart of the matter. What we think and feel are changeable and based on our human characters, and therefore are not reliable. The real question is where we stand in the presence of God. Do we really love Him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, and therefore love my neighbour as I love myself? Is my time spent with God filled with love and delight, our just duty? Is His holy presence a place where we go to in trouble and retreat to in weariness? Is His presence our joy?

Are our thoughts of Him a glorious exercise in holy strength and stamina? To be near Him is our number one delight and life is empty without the presence of His Spirit as we walk through this world.

If we are totally His, then this world will fade and die to us, and we will see all the faults, sins and failures with sorrow. The motivation for what we do will change- everything will be service for God, no matter what we are involved in.

My heart? That too will appear as a wandering thing, bent on its own pleasures and intentions. Only the intervention of divine love and forgiveness can rescue it from self- seeking.

All things will become dim, as we lift our eyes to the one who gives us life and Jesus only will become our motivation for every step of the way. Only then will we see this world with fresh eyes and our hearts will truly belong to Him.

Our view becomes outward looking and we start to see situations as God sees them. We start to see the possibilities as never before and our faith grows. It becomes not about me, but centred on Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit and the intentions of the perfect Father. We become humble servants ready to hear and obey.

Stepping up and launching our into the deep waters is our eternal purpose and joy of all joys…

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