The last sentence


Some day- on the last day, we will all stand before Him to be judged for the deeds we have done and the words we have said. There will be no mistakes, no miscarriage of justice, no appeal board. As we appear before Him, we will instantly recognise who He is. We will have seen His likeness in the created earth, and in the lives of some humans we have known.

How will you feel when you see Him?

There are two reactions. Sheer terror that you ignored His voice and did your own thing. There is only a negative outcome for this person. There are no second chances, or deviation from the application of the Holy law. Justice will prevail and the sentence eternal.

The other reaction. Sheer delight as you finally see the one you love above all others. The Saviour and Lord you have walked the sinful world with, learning His ways and obeying His will. The outcome is only glory. Amazing joys that we could not even imagine here and now. Your sentence will have been paid on your behalf by another.

Why loose everything for foolish possessions? Why trade a crown for a bag of dirt?
Why exchange glory for infinite pain?

To reject such a Father is sheer folly. To turn down His free offer of complete forgiveness is utter stupidity, and you will be rejected, and rightly judged, forever.
If we live in folly, we will perish in folly.
Why not loose yourself to find true joy and life and an everlasting reward? He holds it out to you right now. Take it and take Him as your Saviour and Lord and find a world of such joy and peace, you will wonder why you waited so long.

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