Psalm 134

Please read Psalm 134 (3 verses)

The constant praise of the Lord reverberates around the globe day and night as the saints of God continually meet to praise His name. They meet in the sanctuaries of the Lord, to lift up holy hands before Him and praise His marvellous works towards us, especially in providing a Saviour who would conquer sin and death on our behalf.

The praise of God rises from His planet earth day and night as His ministers of His grace, the people of God, worship before Him as the sun makes its daily round across the world. We cannot escape the praise of God. It shines out of every blade of grass, every kind word, every Psalm of praise that emanates from the redeemed lips of Christians. Let us keep the hymn of praise singing across the atmosphere continually and make our daily contributions to lifting our God above all the necessary circumstances in our life and giving Him the honour due to His holy name.

As the Lord has made heaven and earth, so may His gracious Spirit inspire us to worship continually and remain at peace in all the situations we face daily. The Lord will bless us, for we will be in constant communion and the knowledge of Him will fill our minds and cause us to rejoice.

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