Psalm 133

Please read Psalm 133 (3 verses)

Christian people are meant to live together and worship together in unity. We are bound together with the bonds of filial love in the everlasting family of God. There should be no falling out as we agree on the matters of salvation and the grace of God. There may be varying opinions about issues of Christian doctrine and life choices, but unity is in the fellowship of the saints of God in the peace of God. If we are serving the same God, believing the same scriptures and obeying the same Holy Spirit, it ought not to be a problem. We are the family of God and our relationships should mirror the love of the Spirit and be a witness to a watching world.

It is a blessing when there is family unity and the bonds of love that hold us to Christ are also extended to each other. Too many are only interested in their own remote faction of the Christian church and have no time for sisters and brothers who may different on some issues. The levels of family tolerance are so low, that there is much exclusivity. We are meant to bear with each other, forgive each other and promote loving relationships in the body of Christ.

Unity is like the blessed oil of the Holy Spirit running down Aaron’s beard and hair, down onto the collar of his clothes. It is a precious blessing to be able to fellowship with people who are different and to practice the art of not taking offence. The beautiful blessing of family love is the refreshing mark of the Holy Spirit like the dew of Mount Hermon falling on the city of Jerusalem. In the holy city the Lord bestows His blessing, even life forever in love, joy and peace, together as the family of God.

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