Psalm 102

Please read Psalm 102 (28 verses)

We become easily and quickly distressed. The psalmist calls out to God for help and this is also our response to trouble. This Psalm is written to encourage the future generations and educate them of the ways of the Lord. The Lord will release the prisoners in every generation of humankind and bring people out of slavery and destitution. He will not let the guilty go unpunished and will deliver the oppressed from their prison.

The prison in this Psalm is the prison of the mind. The psalmist finds himself again at a low ebb in terms of his mood and has become very thin and cannot rest and sleep. The accusations of the enemies in his psyche has gotten the better of him and he is reduced to skin and bones. His heart blames him continually and he is in distress about his thoughts and feelings. He feels that God has now finally and forever cast him aside and his life is now just a shadow of what it once was.

The saving grace in his situation is the compassion of the Lord, which the writer has experience of. He knows the Lord sits in the city of Zion and has compassion on His people. The Lord will show favour to the people He loves and bring healing and wholeness. Throughout his life the psalmist was experienced brokenness and the thoughts and feelings that make him believe his life is over, but he prays to the Lord and rehearses the power and majesty of the Lord that created the whole earth and heavens. He knows that even the glory of the skies is as nothing to the glory of the Lord and one day God will bring an end, even to them. God is eternal and His years never end. God will establish His people and the children of His people will dwell in His presence.

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